5 Easy Steps To Goal Success For Your Family.

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How to help every member of your family reach their goals.

  1. Write on a piece of paper “I am …” five times for all the aspirations you would hope to be by next year.
    e.g. “I am regularly involved with my children’s interests and hobbies”
           “I am cooking and eating my five a day”
           “I am… etc”
  2. Get every member in your family to complete one. Help and supervise your child’s if you need to.
  3. Share the completed goals around.
  4. Hide all the goals in a box and don’t open it until the following year. 
  5. Be positively surprised by the results!

Knowing what you all want from each other and personal goals will make it a lot easier for everybody to really support each other in achieving them. It would no doubt make your job as a parent easier to align the correct activities, rewards and support to keep your child motivated onto their goals. Involving children in your goals will help to keep you motivated and will make the kids feel like they are making a real contribution.

Supporting each others health and wellbeing is a good way of bringing the family together. 

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