5 Quick Tips To Help Create A Clever Child

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 Quick Tips For Parents Who Want To Raise A Clever Child.

We all want our children to do well at school, have the opportunity to do more with their lives and achieve more than we, as parents, were able to.

There will always be competition, at school and in the workplace. So how can parents make sure their children grow up to be bright, intelligent, clever kids (or 'gifted', a more common term used in primary schools).

Are children naturally gifted or is their something parents can do to help?

Some children are naturally gifted and/or talented in an area. They are good at something without having to put too much effort into it. Others will work hard at becoming gifted or talented at something (e.g. a football player). As with everything, practise makes perfect, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

How Can Parents Help Create A Gifted Child?

  1. Talk. Ask open-ended questions that make your child think and use their experience to come up with an answer.
  2. Read. Make sure your child has access to books and make time for one-to-one reading. It will help them learn about the world around them and build background knowledge.
  3. Give Praise. Praise your child when they have solved a problem or achieved something that is difficult to do, but try not to praise every little thing. In this case it may be better to give encouragement.
  4. Encourage Curiosity. Let children explore something they are interested in.
  5. Use everyday life as an opportunity to teach your child something new. Whether you are out shopping and saying the names of fruit and comparing prices, or out in the park counting how many children are playing.

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