8 Games And Songs For Long Car Journeys

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Keeping children entertained during a long car journey is never easy! 

Here are some games you can play in the car to make the hours pass a little quicker!

  1. Songs:
    The Wheels On The Bus
    If You're Happy And You Know It
    I Am A Music Man 
  2. I Spy.
  3. Make words using car registrations plates e.g. if you can see the letters HSE, the word could be 'house'.
  4. Alphabet Game - go through the alphabet, the first person to see something beginning with 'A', then the first person to see something beginning with 'B' etc.
  5. Word Strings - The first person think of a word (e.g. leg), the next person has to think of something related to the first word (e.g. arm) and so on. No repetitions allowed, the person who can't think of a related word is out. The winner starts the next word string.
  6. Song One-liners - Sing a line from a song, whatever word the line ends with, is the first word of the next song line. The song lines can come from any song. e.g 'My heart skips a beat' - 'Beat it' - ' Its my life'.
  7. Play story or song cd's
  8. Dad's favourite smiley Who can stay quiet the longest!

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