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The school holidays are here.  You don't want your children to sit and watch T.V or play computer games all day. You don't want to spend money too much money on keeping the kids entertained. The children are bored of playing with their toys. What do you do?
Teach My Kids list of activities for kids is the answer!

14 Games and Activities for Kids

Below are a list of activities for children during the school holidays.  They have a Maths or English theme to them, but can also be made fun by combining creativity and problem solving.

  1. Design your own board game.  Make your own version of snakes and ladders.  Write your own rules / instructions on how to play the game.
  2. Make your own story book / comic.
  3. Design a hat, t-shirt, suitcase or garden.  Then have a go at making it from cardboard or playdough.  Write and / or draw diagrams showing how to make it.
  4. Create a travel brochure for an imaginary world.
  5. Make puppets - finger puppets, stick puppets.  Write or tell a story using the puppets.
  6. Challenges: Create a treasure hunt, write clues or draw a map to show where the treasure is.
  7. Keep a secret daily diary.
  8. Make your own jigsaws by drawing a picture on cardboard and then cutting it into shapes.
  9. Design a playground.  What would your ideal playground look like and have in it?  Draw and label it.  Include health and safety warning where needed.  
  10. Design a poster / invitations persuading your friends to come round to your house to play.
  11. Go to your local library and take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.  Enter fun Summer Reading Challenge competitions.
  12. Swot up on your times tables.  How quickly can you fill in a blank times tables square.  Time yourself and keep a record.  Play times tables bingo.
  13. Practice your handwriting.  These books are great for helping children write neatly using joined handwriting.

Create your own secret code to use with your siblings or friends.  You can use numbers, letters or symbol.               ​

English / Maths Worksheets for your child's year group

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