Easter Activities for Kids - Craft, baking and writing ideas for Easter

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Easter is a lovely time of year.  With winter behind us, longer days and gardens starting to look green and colourful again, its a time to spring back into action.

Easter holidays can be very hit and miss - if the weather is nice, you can take the kids out for walks, visiting farms and parks, or if you are feeling energetic, take them out for a bike ride.  Out in the garden, children can help you plant bulbs and plants - they will love to watch them grow as Spring turns into Summer.  But if it rains, parents have the tough task of keeping the kids entertained.  

Here are 10 fun Easter activities to try out with the kids.

Easter Craft Ideas

1. Cress Egg Heads.

Put some damp cotton wool into the base of an empty eggshell or yogurt pot.  Children can draw a face on to the eggshell or yogurt pot with a permanent felt pen.  Sprinkle some cress seeds onto the cotton wool and watch the seeds grow.  It will take about a week to grow.Once the cress has grown, kids can use it to make their own sandwiches.

2. Thumbprint chicks.  

Make your own Easter cards.  Using yellow paint, put thumbprints onto a piece of A4 card folded in half.  The print can go anywhere on the card.  Once the thumbprints are dry, draw the features of a chick using a black pen or thin felt pen. You can use dots for the eyes, a triangle for the beak and some stick legs.

3. Pasta and Lentil Easter Eggs.  

You will need PVA glue, dry pasta and different coloured lentils or rice (coloured using food colouring).  Draw the outline of an Easter egg onto A4 paper or card.  Draw some patterns onto it e.g zigzag, waves, circles, a bow... Use the pasta, rice and lentils to fill in the patterns.

4. Design Your Own Easter Basket.  

Click on the link at the end of this article to download an empty Easter basket.  Use your imagination to fill the basket with Easter treats.

5. Easter Picture - Copy and Colour.  

Boast your drawing skills.  Click on the link at the end of this article to download an Easter picture.  Copy the Easter picture as accurately as possible. Add spring features to the pictures.

6. Easter Egg Colouring.  

Get creative.  Click on the link at the end of this article to download a free Easter Egg colouring worksheet.
Colour the Easter eggs using crayons or felt pens.  Draw your own Easter eggs and patterns. Take it to the next level by trying to make your Easter eggs look 3D by using pencil crayon shading techniques.  Make the lower parts of the eggs a darker shade than the top. 

Easter Baking Ideas

7. Chocolate Nests.  

You will need a bar of milk chocolate, either Cornflakes or broken Shredded Wheat, paper cake cups and mini chocolate eggs.  Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl, over some hot water.  When melted, mix in the cornflakes or shredded wheat.  Place the chocolate mix into the cake cups, use your thumb to make a dip in the middle.  Place them in the fridge to cool and harden.  Once cooled, put the chocolate eggs into the nests.

8. Easter Biscuits.  

You will need chick or rabbit shaped biscuit cutters.  Using a standard biscuit mixture, make your biscuits.  Decorate using icing, silver balls, sugar strands etc.  
Click here for a biscuit recipe.

Easter Writing Activities

9. The Great Easter Egg Hunt.

You will need mini chocolate eggs to hide.  Hide the chocolate eggs around the house.  Write some clues for someone to find the eggs. The clues can be written as an anagram (e.g. under the stairs = duenr het rstisa), as a code (e.g. a=1 b=2 c=3, so box = 2,15,24) or riddles (e.g. in the dark its very cold, open the door and let the light shine).

10.The Case of the Missing Easter Rabbit.  

Finish the story.  It started off as a normal Easter Sunday.  Tilly skipped along the garden path to feed her pet rabbit with left over salad. But he wasn't there!  All she could see was some colorful eggshells scattered over the grass.  Tilly followed the trail of shell.  Suddenly she fell down an enormous hole.  Down she tumbled until she ...

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