How To Get Children To Learn, Without Lifting A Finger!

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Teach Your Kids - A Quick And Easy Method

Parents are busy people.  They would like to spend as much time as possible helping their children write sentences, learn the alphabet, time tables, letter sounds, counting etc, but this means putting time aside regularly to work with your children.  In theory you would all like to do it all, in reality you are also juggling after school clubs, cooking dinner, getting things ready for the next day... and then you have a weekend where you are not at home (wedding, party, visiting grandparents).

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Most children have their own bedroom, or share with their siblings. You can help your children learn key facts and information by using the wall space in their rooms.  

How To Teach Your Kids Without Lifting A Finger

By sticking things up on the wall that you want them to learn.  

It is a technique used in schools.  Children absorb information that is around them, through the use of flash cards, posters, pictures, keywords, numbers etc.  They may not look at it all the time, but they will look at it the first time you put it up and refer back to it from time to time when they feel like it.  You could make it part of their bedtime routine to read through some of their key words or go through a times tables facts.

Ideas on what to stick on a child's bedroom wall:

  • alphabet
  • letter sounds (st, ch, th, er, or, ng etc)
  • key words for the year group that they are in
  • spellings for the week
  • times tables square
  • 100 square
  • numbers 1-30
  • numbers going up in 2's, 5's, 10's
  • colour names
  • days of the week
  • months of the year

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