How To Make Your Child Happy

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What Can I Do To Make My Children Happy?

How can we define a happy child? Happy children are confident, content, social, fun-loving, imaginative...

As much as we would all like to have happy children, UNICEF statistics suggest children in the UK are amongst the most unhappy children in the developed nations.

Although the majority of parents want to bring up happy children, have we got their priorities mixed up.

One reason could be our focus on materialistic possessions. We are living in a culture where children are under pressure to have the latest computer game, toy, mobile phone, clothes etc. Peer pressure can have enormous effects on children and their parents. Families struggling for money may feel that they have to provide their children with the latest gear. This can have a knock-on effect. In order for parents to provide their children with the latest materialistic possessions, they need to work longer hours to earn more money. Parents may feel that buying their children these material goods will make them happy.

The result, children have everything they may want except for one thing - quality time with their parents. Parents are so busy trying to earn money, that they haven't got the time or energy to spend with their children.

How To Make Your Child Happy

  • Make time to talk and give attention to your child.
  • Spend quality time with them.
  • Do fun things with your child e.g. go to the park, bake a cake etc.
  • Show them love and affection.

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