How To Raise A Confident Child.

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Raising A Confident And Content Child

It can be so difficult getting the balance right, every parent wants their child to be confident and content, but how can you make sure it happens?

Parents play the most important role when it comes to shaping a child's self-esteem. Positive reinforcement by a parent can decide how a child feels about themselves. However getting the balance right is very important - giving praise and positive reinforcement when needed or earned, without overdoing it!

Giving praise at the right time and the right amount can help a child want to strive for more and achieve more. Giving too much praise for every little thing a child does could make it hard for them to realise when real achievements have been made. It can mean the difference between raising a confident child, willing to take on new challenges and risks, and a child who is spoiled, arrogant and irrational about what they can do. 

As a parent it means getting the balance between giving praise and helpful criticism, being truthful and being able to let go.

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