How To Write More Interesting Sentences

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What is an interesting sentence?

There are lots of elements that can make a sentence interesting.  This can range from the type of sentence written (simple, compound or complex), to the type of words used within a sentence.

In this article, we will cover types of words a child can use to make a sentence interesting.

An interesting sentence can include:

  • a naming word (noun) e.g. cat, house, bed

  • a doing word (verb) e.g. run, talk, eat
  • a describing word (adjective) e.g. huge, green, polite

  • a word that describes a verb (adverb) e.g. quickly, slowly, happily)  

5 Activities To Help Your Child Write Interesting Sentences.

  1. Write some simple sentences, ask your child to make it more interesting by adding a verb, adjective or adverb to it.  Extend this activity by asking them to choose a colour for each word type e.g.. adjectives = red, then underline the different word types using the appropriate colour.
  2. Use stickers e.g. of a flower, favourite character, car, animals etc.  Stick the sticker on a piece of paper and ask your child to describe or list what is on the sticker using adjectives e.g.. a lion sticker – fierce, yellow, angry, big. Now ask them to say or list verbs e.g.. a lion – runs, eats, catches etc.  You could ask your child to write some simple sentences instead of a list.
  3. Ask your child to draw a picture of something that interests them.  Ask them to tell you or describe the picture to you.  You are not allowed to look at the picture, you have to guess what is in the picture or try and re-create the picture on your own paper.  Alternatively, take it in turns to choose a fruit, vegetable or animal, try and describe it to the other person.  Can they guess what it is?
  4. Encourage your child to use a Thesaurus. Give your child some words to find, can they find other, more interesting words.  List the new words to create their own thesaurus.

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