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Number Bonds

KS1 and Foundation Stage children will learn to add to 10.  They will be taught pairs of numbers that make 10 at school - these are called number bonds or number facts.  Children need to know these number facts to help them add and subtract numbers quickly.  Especially useful when they move into Key Stage 2 and are required to use larger numbers.

Teach My Kids worksheets for KS1 help kids learn number facts to 10.  

This maths activity helps children add numbers to 10.  They complete the sums and colour in the correct number of squares to match the sum.

Children are asked to colour in the blocks of 10 to help them visualise what number bonds to 10 look like.  For some children, this may be the best way for them to learn.
Click on the link at the bottom of this page to download a free number bonds worksheet.

Number Bonds to 20 and Beyond

Children should be encoraged to also learn number bonds to 20, 50 and 100.  The ability to recall these facts quickly builds good foundations for calculations they will have to do as they move up the school.  There are many games children can play to learn number bonds.  In the long term, it will also help them when calculating percentages and decimal numbers.

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